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A truly unique celebration

At Trizara Glamping Resorts we feel every wedding should be basked with elements of nature and pureness. Our property gives you splendid views with beautiful panoramas throughout the day! Imagine the perfect picturesque setting for any shot taken.

Your wedding guests will love every corner and zone available at our resort. Let them truly experience something thats truly different from that standard ballroom. Our rates to BOOK our ENTIRE resort out starts from Rp. 150,000,000/day where you can bring in as many people as you like. We can also help with catering, decor, and activities at additional charges.


We have had couples from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Japan, Korea, Germany, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Netherlands and ofcourse the many cities of Indonesia say "I DO" at Trizara Resorts.

It brings us true joy and we love seeing plenty of love and happiness at our mountain peak.

“I managed to show my wifes family what a true nature inspired lover by having our wedding at Trizara Resorts! We were going to have a ballroom wedding which would have nothing compared to the aura you guys gave us”

-Matthew H.


“Our guests were so delighted when they heard our wedding functions required them to bring a set of relaxing clothes for the activities and the late night bonfire and fireworks.”

-Astrid E.


“My Husband is an adventure buff and he got me so hooked on nature that we had to find a venue that explained our love to our family and friends. Thank you Trizara, you gave us the perfect setting”

- Anisa W.


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